Stephanie Sternes

Contemporary Family Consultation Training Supervisor                          NNU Adjunct Educator  

LMFT-8009                                   LCPC - 7165                                     NCC -70739


Contemporary Family Systems Specialist

Training for the Professionals Working with the People Currently Living in Over 67 Different Types of Family Systems.

My goal is to help Professionals understand the complex dynamics of family systems that have non-biological children living in them. Transference, Countertransference and Projecting are all avoidable if you know how these family systems form and function.

If you are a WHY person.......Why?  Because the stress damage to childhood development that can happen in childhood makes them a different person (Epigenetics) Good news?  We can reduce the stress by helping them with tools to manage it.   Bad news?  Rarely are Professional Helpers theoretically trained in families with non biological children in them.  Stepfamilies, Adoption, Foster, and others that have unique challenges. The wounds can be deep and life long. If you aren't trained to recognize it, how can you help?

I specialize in training counselors and other helping professionals to navigate interpersonal family relationships. I can train your team of professionals in Contemporary Family Systems to help them better understand non-traditional family systems and serve their clients better.

I will come to you and train your entire staff of helping professionals in a 3 day intensive course (Includes our Family Makeover Parenting Psycho ed group). Your team of professionals will get practical working theory and interventions to help the contemporary family negotiate challenges.

When People get help from a Contemporary Family Trained Professional the wounds from the past come out of the darkness and into the light.  Healing is possible.  Changing their Relationships is possible. Love and Attachment become the foundation not Fear and Abandonment.

The Healing Story Ranch

What better place to learn and expand your knowledge than in the countryside? The Healing Story Ranch is an intensive training aimed at healing professional counselors and training them  in contemporary family systems that lasts 5 days/4 nights at a beautiful, rustic ranch in Emmett, Idaho. 

This training is designed to help you become a Contemporary Family Specialist. 

Individual Therapy
Personal Case Consultation 

Help for the Helpers! Counselors, Therapists, Helping Profession and Pastoral Teams need support too!  You help your clients/staff/congregation as they make big changes in their life and within themselves. That's why I offer personal therapy and case consultation to support you in your work to help others. If you feel stuck, I can help.

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