Groups for Professionals

Pscho-ed/Process Skills Building

Come and spend the day at The Healing Story Ranch located in Emmett, Idaho! 

Groups of 10-12 professionals will work to
improve their skills, heal the past and gain knowledge about themselves and their clients. These are 10-hour days.

 They include meals, snacks, intervention materials and time to multilevel process what you have learned. Each group includes assessments, tools, interventions, and practical hands-on experience facilitating groups that you can take back to your
practice. As professionals these groups prepare you for expanding your own practice with groups. A bonus to this type of continuing education is that you will uncover deep blind spots that may be seeping into your sessions through countertransference.

Groups for Professionals

We offer six different group options, each with their own focus.                                                                                          YOU MUST BE A LICSENSED PROFESSIONAL.
Pricing $200 per person

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Fear, You Don’t Own Me

Exploring Fears and how to keep them from sabotaging your dreams

From the Shadows of Divorce

Life After Divorce

Family Systems

Exploring the attachment, challenges, tools, and strengths of these systems

Communication Tune Up

Time Outs, Ruptures and Repairs to get back to connection quickly

 You are Wonderfully and Fearfully Made!

ALL ABOUT YOU Discover your Window of Tolerance, Values, Strengths, Learning Style, Fears, Communication Style, Attachment System, Love Language, Right-Left Brain Balance- Not Wrong, Not Right JUST YOU!

 The Empowered Empath

Join other empaths as we support each other in becoming empowered in our empathic gifts and abilities. This group will provide you with tools, support, and a greater understanding of becoming a balanced and empowered empath.

We are gathering peers for your group Now!  Pick Your Favorite and get on the list!

Each group will be full when it reaches 10-12 qualified professional participants. Get in touch to join our waitlist for current groups. 

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